Agricola Del Gaudio

Therefore our priority is to anticipate and to meet the consumers’ requirements through their distributors’ needs. We focus consequently on quality and offer the best value based on seasonal availability.

  1. Food safety and insuring good health;
  2. Tasty produce that respects the qualities and place of origin of the various varietals;
  3. Efficiency throughout all stages of production to ensure a lower cost for our customers and consumers;
  4. Environment friendly procedures;
  5. Establishing a genuine tracking system that allows for the careful monitoring of our productions within the framework of sustainable agriculture.

Quality of our produce

Quality procedures are being defined upstream and then applied and monitored to guarantee maximum traceability throughout the various cycles : production (up to flowering) and processing (from harvest to delivery).
We place a particular emphasis on compliance with production standards and on the proper use of products designed to protect crops. We meticulously and systematically apply and monitor the existing standard and the latest European certification guideline
We are committed to a self-monitoring procedure, Fel PARTENARIAT, which includes systematic conformity checks as well as a sanitary control program.


  1. Harvest date
  2. Plot code
  3. Efficiency throughout all stages of production to ensure a lower cost for our customers and consumers.

Production monitoring

Production monitoring defines the working patterns and responsibilities of the Del Gaudio teams, both internally and externally, in order to produce and deliver the produce expected by our customers, both in terms of quality and quantity. From harvest to delivery, the established procedure makes sure all produce is identified and checked and each team member’s accountability is defined.

This carefully-delineated monitoring system sets out the characteristics of the produce and any potential system malfunction. All team members, according to their individual competence and within the framework of established standards and deadlines, can then solve any issue prior to the sizing, packaging or shipping of the produce.

The production team is in charge of defining all technical links regarding crop treatment such as watering, fertilisation, etc. Our specialists periodically collect field crop samples that are systematically checked for the absence of residue.

The team monitoring quality is in charge of preparing, organizing and implementing the cutting program according to the ripeness and characteristics of the produce. They also train and monitor the laborers.

The shipping is monitored by officers in charge of checking the homogeneity of the various production batches, supervising the packaging and shipping within the warehouses and applying the sales office guidelines.

Production cycle transfer

Harvesting procedures D-3 produce check, ripeness, analysis. D-Day : harvesting and packaging. Our produce is being carefully harvested by professionals and then carried at the right temperature to our warehouses on the production site.

Shipping preparation produce is checked again and then sized, weighed and labelled. After being pre-cooled it is loaded into refrigerated trucks at a temperature suited to the type of produce. Packaging is adapted to our customers’ needs.

Transportation and delivery our transporters have contractual obligations regarding the on-time delivery and careful handling of their cargo. Produce is controled upon arrival at our Rungis and Perpignan platforms and before being sent out to your warehouses at an optimal temperature.
At our clients’ request we send out our produce palletized and by full trucks.


At Del Gaudio’s we are committed to supplying you with quality produce together with your choice of service : standard or customised.
Produce availibility from harvesting to platforms : the choice of transportation is based on the needs and fragility of the produce.


We have worked closely with ten transportation companies for years. Every day, 30 refrigerated trucks carry 720 tons of fruit and vegetables from our production sites to our platforms.

Organic agriculture

In 2017 Del Gaudio decided to diversify its offer by developing an organic range of produce, thus building on the company’s historical commitment to values such as sustainability and high-quality standards at affordable prices.


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Organic agriculture


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